Gatling POC

I am about to present a POC for a tool that shall be used for our performance/load testing efforts. Of course, I have chosen Gatling.

If you would present a Gatling POC, what are the important points and features that you would show/tell your stakeholders(audience)? Any suggestions?

Hi Julian,

I’d read the user stories to see how others are benefitting from Gatling:

I’d walk through this simulation against the demo computer database site and run it:

I’d add realtime graphing and talk about that (works out of the box):

I’d then show the Gatling generated report and play with the zoom and click a few percentiles.

I may also talk a little about synchronous and asynchronous concurrency models.
Gatling can achieve 8-10 times more throughput with one box than our paid proprietary tool with 8 load-injectors.
Think about that for a second.


Hi Aidy,

Noted. Many thanks!