Gatling Requests failed after execution of a simulation

HI ,

I have recorded one login feature and executed the simulation .

In the result there are almost 100 requests generated and all of them are failed .

How are the requests generated and why all of them failed .

Attached is the output file .

index.html (63.4 KB)


What I understand is that your simulation has one scenario with only one request.
But what is the configuration of your simulation? I guess that your Simulation inject several (100?) users and each one is trying to login… and fail each time.

HI ,

The Simulation is recorded with one scenario which is logging in to an application executed with 1 user only , it has generated around 100 requests . As in the attached output file all the requests are failed .

How are these requests generated and why all the requests are failed .

Sorry, crystal call is broken. Best guess: your application has some security measures such as nonce tokens that you need to capture in the response and send back in the following requests.
Except if your application/website allows anonymous browsing, you can’t just replay recording as is.

Hi Sujin ,

I have executed for one iteration and attached is the Log file .

simulation.log (13.7 KB)

HI Stephane ,

Can you help me how to capture the Nonce Tokens?

Please complete the tutorials and check the documentation: