Gatling Scala “not found: type ExtraInfo” error found when running performance test

I am running into an issue where I’m getting an error when I am trying to develop a method to generate a simulation.log whenever I receive a status other than 200 and receive “KO”. I was wondering if there is any solution in solving this issue?


scala:8: not found: type ExtraInfo
   def getExtraInfo(extraInfo : ExtraInfo): String = {


def getExtraInfo(extraInfo : ExtraInfo): String = {
if (isDebug
  >> extraInfo.response.statusCode.get != TestData.successStatus
  >> extraInfo.status.eq(Status.apply("KO"))) {
  ",URL:" + extraInfo.request.getUrl +
    " Request: " + extraInfo.request.getStringData +
    " Response: " + extraInfo.response.body.string

You seem to be running Gatling master.
ExtraInfo is going away in Gatling 3, as it wasn’t used in any official Gatling component and was a huge source of bugs.

Ok thanks. Do you have any suggestions I should approach so then I can generate a simulation.log whenever theres a status 200 and receive “KO”?