Gatling v2.1.7 - Report generates negative values

After successfully running a load test against a jms reqreply-queue the generated report displays negative values in the statistic section (See attached pic)?
Any suggestions why there are negative values?

The setup of the simulation is:

val jmsConfig = jms

  • Can you reproduce with 2.2.1?

  • What’s your OS? Windows?

  • Can you share the simulation.log?

  • Can you share a reproducer (Gatling simulation + application)?


Sorry for the late answer.
This is my setup:

I can’t use version 2.2.1 since I get the error:
[WARNING] The POM for io.gatling:gatling-maven-plugin:jar:2.2.1 is missing, no dependency information available

The maven plugin doesn’t have the same lifecycle as Gatling.

Latest Gatling: 2.2.2
Latest Gatling maven plugin 2.2.0