Gatling websocket api: can't receive byte response from websocket server in wsListen method

Is anyone able to get byte response from websocket api on gatling using wsListen method?
I am doing this:

.sendBytes(Array[Byte](1.toByte, 0.toByte, 0.toByte, ))
.exec(ws(“Message Check”).check(wsAwait.within(10 seconds).until(1).regex(“ACK”).saveAs(“name”)))

.within(10 seconds)

.exec(ws(“Close WS”).close)

When server sends text message, this code can store name in session but if byte array is sent, this does nothing.

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Hardik Patel

I am using gatling 2.2.3

I am having the exact same issue in that I can’t grab a binary WebSocket response using the Gatling DSL. If you turn your logback.xml log level from “Warn” to “Debug”, you will get this nice message when you attempt to check a WebSocket call which returns a binary message: “Beware, byte message checks are currently not supported” (WsActor.scala line 177 in the Gatling source).

Only 2 options: 1) hope the Gatling devs implement such support, or 2) implement support and create pull request.


  • Connor


I also want to check binary response from the server. But I didn’t find a solution.
Does someone find a solution to check it?

I also found this:


case OnByteMessage(message, time) =>
logger.debug(s"Received byte message on websocket ‘$wsName’:$message. Beware, byte message checks are currently not supported")


So I think it’s not possible… Does someone find a solution to check it?