Gatlling 2.0.0. RC2 - Har converted Script does not seems to use caching for Embedded Resources

Hello Gatling Experts,

I have recorded a Test scenario using Chrome Developer Tools & Converted to Gatling Simulation using Recorder with ‘InferHTMLResources’ option.
Chrome had caching enabled at the time of recording Test Scenario.

When I am trying to run the test, Caching seems to be not used and embedded resources for each page seems to be loaded each and every time.
so When I am simulating 50 users, In the report its showing all embedded resources loaded each and every time.

PFA Simulation.log for the same.

Could you please advise, if any specific changes needed to enable caching for each user when running the test.


SampleSimulation.scala.tar.gz (8.33 KB)

simulation.log.tar.gz (643 KB)

Cache is per virtual user, not global.