Generated Reports not matching simulation configs


My simulation looks something like

ramp(60.users) over (1.minutes),
rampRate(1.usersPerSec) to(1.usersPerSec) during(5.minutes)

The total duration is (1+1+5)=7 minutes, however the plotted graphs are just for 2 minutes and I am unable to understand how to map the two.
The number of requests are as expected. Am I missing some context.

A bug with rampRate maybe? related to the fact the “from” and “to” rates are equal? @nremond, any idea?
Have you tried a constantRate(1.usersPerSec) during(5.minutes)?

I’m looking at the code right now.

Indeed, there is a “division by zero” when the “from” rate is equal to the “to” rate.
There is a fix here :

But, in the mean time, Stéphane suggested you the good thing to do : just use the .constantRate() injection definition.


Looks like my cristal ball is working pretty well today! :wink:

thanks, that Worked 32A.png