Get param form value from redirect


I’m trying to get a token from our login process but the token is in a redirect. Is there anyway to get the token to use it to send into the next post?

.formParam(“user”, “bob”)
.formParam(“password”, “123”)
.check(regex("""<input Type=“hidden” Name=“id” value="(id:.*==)"""").find.saveAs(“token”)))
.post(uri5 + “/LogonSSO”)
.formParam(“awID”, “${token}”)
.formParam(“msgId”, “open”))

What I want is to be able to obtain the token between authentificationProcess and LogonSSO to use it as a variable in my formparam.

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What’s your problem exactly?
You might have missed the fact that checks are applied on the landing page, not intermediate redirects.

On the landing page, there is a hidden field whose value I need to get. However I try I can’t make it works… everytime I get the error “not found”.
What I want is to get the value of the hidden field and send it back as a variable into the next post

Here’s what it looks like on the landing page :


You can do that using

.check(css(“input[name=‘token’]”, “value”)