Get Parameter From java class


In my scenario I call from Gatling a java string to use as Feeder
It works properly but if my string use a Parameter as below , how to call it in Gatling ?

val myfeeder = Iterator.continually {
Map( “Tata” → s"${Toto01.Toto2()}")


Hi again

For info i tried this way but it is not working i get this error

type mismatch;
found : String(" Parameter : Long")
required: Long

Map( “Tata” → s"${Toto01.Toto2( “”" Parameter : Long""" )}")


If someone could help it will be very grateful


Can you give a better example? Is Toto01 an object with a method Toto2(Long) ? Your statement does the following.

// Call method Toto2 with no parameters in the object Toto01 and construct a string
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