Getting Java heap error while running gatling

Hi Team, we are trying to get performance results for our application that requires to feed data from a csv file. We have ten csv files and each file size is around 44 MB. When we try to run gatling script feeding ten files together, it throws java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error. I went through a lot of sites and added plugins to increase heap size up to 1GB, but it didn’t work out. Please provide solution to for the above issue.

Below added the details for your reference:
Java JDK: 11.0.7
gatling-charts-highcharts(Maven repository): 3.6.0
gatling-maven-plugin: 3.1.2
maven-surefire-plugin: 2.22.2
Scala SDK: 2.13.10

First thing first, please upgrade to Gatling 3.9.4, your current version really lags behind and we can only help with the latest version.
Then, if you still experience an issue, please provide more information, typically a reproducer sample we can run on our side.

Thanks @slandelle, now the problem got resolved.

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