Handshake timeout. Is it possible to configure?

I’m seeing a lot of the following:

14:28:27.310 [WARN ] i.g.h.a.AsyncHandlerActor - Request ‘request_27’ failed: java.net.ConnectException: Handshake did not complete within 10000ms to https://k

It would be interesting to see what kind of time these would actually use so I wondered if it is possible to configure this timeout?

Disabling the timeout would obviously be a bad thing, but maybe setting it to 30 seconds would be possible?

Or does this not make sense?


This is the ssl handshake timeout. Please open an issue so we make it configurable. Still, your system has reached a limit.

Thanks. I will look into opening an issue.


kl. 15:47:14 UTC+2 torsdag 24. april 2014 skrev Stéphane Landelle følgende: