Help me with error, when I start

Hello to all!

  1. I record some scenario
  2. Generate script -
  3. Then I start, but had an error:


GATLING_HOME is set to /Users/lio/Downloads/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.1.2

09:31:26.465 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - /Users/lio/Downloads/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.1.2/user-files/simulations/com/excilys/ebi/bank/stress/Simulation.scala:9: illegal cyclic reference involving class Simulation

09:31:26.469 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - class Simulation extends Simulation {

09:31:26.470 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - ^

09:31:27.943 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - /Users/lio/Downloads/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.1.2/user-files/simulations/com/excilys/ebi/bank/stress/Simulation.scala:74: not found: value setUp

09:31:27.943 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - setUp(scn.inject(atOnceUsers(1))).protocols(httpProtocol)

09:31:27.943 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - ^

09:31:29.880 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - two errors found

There is no simulation script. Please check that your scripts are in user-files/simulations

Can you help me?



Simple : you class can’t be named Simulation, otherwise in “Simulation extends Simulation”, the Scala compiler can’t know which is which.
Rename your simulation to anything else and it’ll work.