Help with a custom feeder

I’ve create a custom feeder that is nearly identical with the one from the wiki ( and am attempting to create dynamic tests that do not rely on a CSV. The email value is identical to the wiki and is mapped

emails are generated and mapped the same way as in the example:

    val email = scala.math.abs(java.util.UUID.randomUUID.getMostSignificantBits) + ""

When I try to run the tests, the params come through as follows:

email:$(email) password:$(password) … etc

My scenario is as follows:

val scn = scenario(“Scenario Name”)
.param(“email”, “$(email)”)
.param(“username”, “$(username)”)
.param(“password”, “$(password)”)


How do I get the generated params from my feeder?


Curly braces, not parentheses.
$(email) → wrong

${email} → right


Thanks much!

You’re welcome, this was an easy one :wink: