How can i get gatling academy certificate?

hello, I have completed three modules at the academy, how do I get a certificate now?

Hello Aleksandr!

First of all, welcome to the Gatling Community :grin: Congratulations for completing all the modules of the Gatling Academy! Usually when you complete a module on our academy, you are redirected to a page that allows you to decide whether or not you are willing to pay to grab your certificate (our lessons are free, but the diploma isn’t).

That being said, our Academy platform is currently facing payment issues, meaning it’s not possible to grab your certificate as of now. Don’t worry, your account will keep track of your success completing the module and you’ll be able to get your certificate without having to do it all over again. :sweat_smile:

We are working on a fix and our teams will do their absolute best to get it done as soon as possible. We’ll make sure to communicate it once it is solved and working again so stay tuned! :wink:

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I’m still not able to get my certificate. You still have problems with payment? Thank a lot in advance for your help

Hi Dylan!

Welcome to the Gatling Community and congratulations on completing the Gatling Academy modules!
Our Academy platform should be working fine as of now, and I have not been told about any problem regarding the obtention of certifications. Could you please give me a bit more detail about this matter so I can help?

I only have the possibility to overview the course. There is no button/link where I can buy the certification. I’m on Gatling Academy page ( It says that when the course is complete we’ll receive an email giving me the option to enter the process to grab my certification. Unfortunately I have deleted this email. There is no way to buy the certification without it? Thanks in advance.

There are possibilities to buy the certification without it but they are hand-triggered! I’d be more than happy to help you regarding this matter, so I suggest that we continue this conversation at as to not spam this channel. Would that be alright? :smile: