how do I dynamically set request name?

Hi folks,

I am trying to find a way to set the request name based on the query type in the data set dynamically. Here is the scenario example:

val feeder = csv(dataFilePath).unzip.random

val scenario: ScenarioBuilder = scenario(“Search”)

How can I achieve it?


Just like the same way you’ve set the url dynamically.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the quick response.

Actually, I am trying to pass query from feed data to a function and parse it to find out what type of query it is and set the request name. Something like this:

val scn1: ScenarioBuilder = scenario("Search")
def getRequestName(request: String): String = {
  val list = request.stripPrefix("/").trim().stripTrailing().split("[?]")
  val name = list(0)

if a query is '/query_normalize?query=radio&response.type=basic&acce… ’ I expect it to return ‘query_normalize’ but it returns full query:
“> /query_normalize?query=radio&response.type=basic&acce… (OK=1 KO=0 )”

What am I doing wrong here?