How to access p12 file in Gatling script

Hi All ,

I am tring to access an api endpoint from a cloud VM where there is no firewall established. But i have a p12 certificate and cred to access the API endpoint ,
I have configured Gatling.conf file keystore where i have given file path to the certificate and credential . After running the script i am still getting unknown host exception, Can anyone help here ,


i am still getting unknown host exception

This has nothing to do with whatever cert.
This means that the DNS resolution fails.

Either you have a typo in your hostname, or this domain is a private one that cannot be resolved from the machine you’re running Gatling one (at least not from the OS configuration, eg you might have some extra DNS config in your browser that the OS is not aware of).

Hi @slandelle , Thanks for the response, But we are able to access the api end point from the cloud VM with the curl command and certificate,

Can i do something on this ,

Really, unknown host exception means DNS resolution failure. You can search the internet for yourself.

Can’t help with this, sorry. This can only be investigated in your environment, and this not something we from Gatling can do without a contract.