How to add the Client certificate with password to Gatling script

Hi Team,

Am newbee with Gatling tool. Am having issues replying the script “gatling.bat”

Pre steps : Added the client certificate in chorme and captured the request and response in HAR file
Steps conducted : Imported the HAR file and performed the reply in Gatling.

Getting below error while running the script.

j.n.s.SSLHandshakeException: error:10000410:SSL routines:OPENS 2 (100.0%)

It would be really helpful if you can give me the detail steps to fix this issue.

It looks like your issue is that your server uses SSLv3, which has been disabled all over the world since POODLE and Heartbleed.
You should upgrade your server to use proper TLS encryption, typically TLSv1.2.

Thanks for the reply Stephane. Am able to run the tests wiht other tools like Load runner and Jmeter. I Dont think team is ready to move to TLS.