how to avoid some of the received responses in Gatling web socket.

Im using this Gatling perf suit to test my web socket connection which is created using polymer. when im checking for multiple responses in the web socket it will received ,h response which is send by the sock js and due to that my scenario failed.I want to know a way to avoid this.

 val checkReplyOne = ws.checkTextMessage("AlertView Query Update").check(regex(".*initial-data-load.*").saveAs("alert-query-update2"))
val checkReplyTwo = ws.checkTextMessage("AlertView Query Update").check(regex(".*table-update.*").saveAs("alert-query-update1"))

  exec(ws("AlertView Query Update").wsName(
    .sendText("my web socket Request ")
    .await(30 seconds)(checkReplyOne,checkReplyTwo))
    .exec(session => {
println("---------Alert View  Query Update-------------")
println("AlertView Query Response1 : ", session("alert-query-update1").as[String])
println("AlertView Query Response2 : ", session("alert-query-update2").as[String])