How to change print interval in console

Hi Team,

I am executing gatling tests from gitlab and the console gets updated every 5 seconds with the test summary. Is there any configuration I could change/add in gatling.conf or any other way to make these summary print happen only every 20 seconds?

Appreciate your help, thank you !


I tried this one but it did not help. Hence I assumed its for graphite data writers and not for the console prints.

Are you sure you’ve removed the leading # to uncomment?
It works fine for me.

This is what I have :

data {
writers = [console] # The list of DataWriters to which Gatling write simulation data (currently supported : console, file, graphite)
console {
light = true # When set to true, displays a light version without detailed request stats
writePeriod = 20 # Write interval, in seconds

Am I doing anything wrong in the above?

Your configuration seems correct. No idea what doesn’t work for you. Please make sure to use a modern version of Gatling.

It works in IDE but when I execute from gitlab as a maven project, for some reason these changes are not getting reflected. I am using gatling 3.5.1