How to execute usual SQL query during scenario

I have specific task.
During scenario I’m creating a new object, and unfortunatly, server doesn’t send back ID of created object. That’s why I have to execute usual SQL query to get ID of this object.
I know about gatling - jdbc tool and I has write the code for SQL selection


val technic_root_id = exec(jdbc("selection").select("technic_root_id").from("ods_req_car.technic_request").where("id = ${car_request_id}"))

In scenarion I call it through this exec:




In output log I see the following



Seems like this is not what I want. This is not ID of my object after tech/ part of URL.
Please help, how can I execute SQL query during scenario correct ?

It looks like you’re using this community plugin:

On this mailing list, you’ll only find information regarding official components.
I don’t see any way to reach the author of this plugin on the README, so I’m afraid you’ll have to go with the bugtracker.