How to generate JAR in Gatling Project

Hi Guys

I have a question.

I am working with Gatling and always I run the tests with this commands:

gatling:execute -Dgatling.simulationClass=BVI.Scenarios.PACKAGE.CLASS

I need to generate the JAR with all dependencies for execute from console with the command java -jar NAME_PACKAGE_JAR and specific arguments.

Could someone help me with something tutorial or reference for this implementation?

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Yes you can use shade maven plugin to generate the fat jar.

Hi Ricardo

! will review this information.


Hi Ricardo

At the momento, I am woerking for generate .jar file with your indications, but I have a problem, after generate the jar with the command “mvn clean verify” I execute with java -jar package_generate -s NAME_CLASS and I get the folloeing error:

InvocationTargetException: Could not locate feeder file: file passport.csv doesn’t exist

My structure files are:

—resources → Here are the files csv


then, if is genereted the package but doesn’t find the recources that are in the package “recources”

Can you help me?

Thanks and regards,