how to get data from response?

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To build a Gatling request, I need to use a specific piece of data that comes in the response for a previous request. Is it possible to get data from the response by using Gatling API? I cannot find this in the documentation. Can anybody please confirm and give me a pointer to where to look?

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If you’re new to Gatling, you should really take some time to read the tutorials so you’ll get the basics and then dig into the rest of the documentation. You’ll be way more proficient this way.


Thank you for sending the link to documentation, I have obviously been there and have some tests implemented and working fine. Can you please point me to where in the doc there is anything explaining how to deal with response data? I do not see it, this is why I am asking.

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In the advanced tutorial, you’ll be capturing some HTML links with a CSS selector based check.
That should help you understand how check works, and then just to the checks section of the documentation for more details.

Thank you, that’s helpful, I’ll go from there.