How to get page size in gatling logs

Hi Team,

I wanted to see page size of a html/an api request in the logs. I am enabling Trace in the gatling configurations. Can you please let me know where i can see the page size?

Swetha. G

This metric is not available. Gatling Enterprise has a bandwidth usage metric, but it’s broken down by remote peer, not by request.

Then, what do you exactly call “page size”? The clear text size? The bytes size over the wire where stream is most likely encrypted and compressed?

I wanted to calculate bandwidth usage only. What is the metric and how can i include it in my Gatling load test script.

Also what is the way to find page size, i.e, clear text size of gatling request response.

My objective of getting this data is to find the bandwidth required for the load test to test my application.

As I said, this metric is only available in Gatling Enterprise, not in the free version.