How to get recorder to record visits to localhost


I’m using Gatling 3.1.3.

I am running a simple “hello world” web server written with Akka HTTP. I would like to be able to do performance testing on it.

What I need is a template example of a test script that I can modify. I want to test the server on a moderately high load.

My first thought was to use the BasicSimulation example. I simply modified the URL in baseUrl to “http://localhost:8080/hello” but that did not work. (“http://localhost:8080/hello” is the endpoint for my server.) When the test results came back, it reported that my request had failed with status 404.

To check if there was something wrong with the script, I replaced the URL in baseUrl with “” and this time the request succeeded.

Unable to figure what the issue was by searching online, I decided to use the recorder next. I successfully configured Firefox by following the instructions in the documentation for the recorder.

However, when I went to record my HTTP requests with the recorder, it recorded everything except my requests to localhost.

I suspect this has to do with the fact that requests to localhost are directly displayed in the browser without going through the port I configured in Firefox.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

When configuring proxy on FireFox, there’s a No Proxy For field.