How to group different scenarious in HTML perort

I like Gatling 2, it is extremely cool!

I am wondering, is it possible to create a group of scenarios and see list of those scenarios with detailed information in HTML report?
I mean at this moment we see page with all requests, but it would be nice to see page with list of all scenarios and then, by clicking on some scenario, to be redirected to scenario page and see detailed information, as that what we can see now by default.

Thanks for your kind words.

The only grouping feature we have for now is groups:
We’ll rework this feature in M5 (not next milestone but the one after), because it currently acts like a kind of namespace, while we’d like it to behavior more like a tag (meaning that currently if the same request name is used in multiple groups, stats won’t be cumulated).

I don’t think we’ll be able to have more complex things in the current reports.
We plan on having a commercial extension for more complex analytics.



Are you archick12? :slight_smile: