How to handle auto generated value in request header?

Hello Team,

There is an auto generated value which is getting passed to the API request in its request header itself.
Note: This value “AO-7DEABF” is not present in the response header of the previous HTTP header.

Kindly help me in extracting this value from the request header and passing the same in the request header of the same api call.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Hi Siddhi,

could you provide a requests? Or first request’s response?

Hi Nikolay,

I tried passing header “AO-7DEABF” with its own value in the request and it worked.
I even tried the same with multiple users and i dint face any issues as such.
I feel only header must be present in the Request Header, application has no deal with its value it seems.

However if u have any workaround to handle it, then it would be helpful.

Hi Siddhi,

Have you had any luck figuring this out? I noticed that the value for AO-7DEABF lasts for about 24 hours and then expires (the response is garbled and I get a parse error). I’ve combed through all the response-headers and responses between login and seeing that request header and wasn’t able to find it either. Thanks in advance!

Hi Anum,

Apologies for delay in reply.

May be you can give it a try with regular expression, it don’t have any sequence of characters.
I have never observed such behavior of this header

The blocker is that u cannot see this header in previous response header.
it gets generated while creating the POST request.

Unfortunately I haven’t found any solution for this, will update you once i find any resolution.

Thanks in advance…!!