How to handle status 304 in repeat loop


---- Response Time Distribution ------------------------------------------------

t < 250 ms 0 ( 0%)

250 ms < t < 750 ms 12 ( 52%)

t > 750 ms 2 ( 9%)

failed 9 ( 39%)

---- Errors --------------------------------------------------------------------


What do your clients do?

Take a look at the documentation around the 304 response code -

And this page might be useful… what request and response headers are involved in the interaction?


I can follow the note given here:

A status check is automatically added to a request when you don’t specify one. It checks that the HTTP response has a 2XX or 304 status code.

I think it’s good if I comment out the line “.check(” since by default it checks for 2XX and 304 assuming 304 is a server side response when body is not modified. Any suggestion or opinion? I appreciate for the links, I always miss mozilla docs, they are so good.

I’d more be looking to see if the 304 is the response a real client would actually be expecting; it normally means that a client has received that particular information previously and the data hasn’t changed (it’s probably driven by the request headers you’re adding, which is why I asked about these).

This could be expected if one client is making repeated requests but would not be realistic if the requests come from many different clients - and if you are getting 304 with no response body as opposed to 200 with a body, there are different implications on processing at the server side, as well as network transfer requirements.


Did you get the solution to avoid 304 from Gatling?