How to include pause time in total response time

we are doing some polling scenario which will run few loops to satisfy the condition and giving 5 sec pause time in while loop and codes are here
.tryMax(3) {
.doWhile(session => session(“Found”).as[Int] < 1) {
.header(“authorization”, “Token “+”${C_Token}”)
.body(ElFileBody(stage_BodiesFilePath + “/filtersID.json”)).asJson
//.body(StringBody("""{“Chips”: [{“Key”: “list_ids”, “Value”: “${listId}”, “Category”: “ContactFields”, “Type”: 1, “Entity”: “Contact”, “DisplayName”: “Contacts1”} ], “Scope”: 3, “Entity”: “Contact”, “PageNumber”: 1, “PageSize”: 25, “Search”: “”}""")).asJson

Note: I ma putting two end points inside the group and want to include pause time inside the group

Use a group, that’s what the cumulatedResponseTime metric is for.

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