How to Pass FindAll.saveAS to String body part

Hi All,

How to pass vector (String) to comma separated Strong in body.

.check(jsonPath("$..couponCode").findAll.saveAs("C_CouponCode")). --> Saving vector list like C_CouponCode -> Vector(C5RBXGHB, DUITGK2E, JMQMXHRV, EW0EQFVT)

I want to pass on post req body string

body(StringBody("""{"masId":"100","storeId":"001","transactionId":11,"tId":"11","billAmount":1,"couponCodes":"C5RBXGHB, DUITGK2E, JMQMXHRV, EW0EQFVT)"}

Help me.

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Hi @sameer93,

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I think you will be interested in transforming documentation.


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