How to pass SSL cert and key in Gatling Script

I have to create one script in gatling where I need to pass ssl CERT AND KEY.Curl is in below format.I am not sure how to pass it in my simulation .Can someone please help.

curl -E abc.crt --key cde.key --location --request POST 'https://a/b' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'

I tried to pass this cert and key in gatling.conf but its throwing me error " Invalid keystore format". while same thing is working fine in postman.

Hi @learngatling2022,

JVM does not take certificate and key directly. You’ll have to create a keystore.
Plenty of articles on the internet are already present to explain you that.

Try creating a JKS or a p12 from your certificate and key and configure that in your gatling.conf file.


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