How to POST a form signed with AWS Signature v4 via Gatling?

I’m trying to improve a script that I already have for load testing with Gatling. The scripts consist in injecting data filling forms with different type of inputs(dropdowns, textboxes, checkboxes, etc…). Now I have a form to upload attachments and I am trying to POST a PDF file but I have not found a way to do it.

Can you please take a look to the question I posted in Stackoverflow to get more context? Unfortunately i cannot attach more than 1 screenshot here.

I’m pretty sure I’m doing something very wrong, this is the .exec I’m currently have

.exec(http("Upload the file")
                "resumableChunkNumber" -> "1",
                "resumableChunkSize" -> "1048576",
                "resumableCurrentChunkSize" -> "10080",
                "resumableTotalSize" -> "10080",
                "resumableType" -> "application/pdf",
                "resumableFilename" -> "Caso_SimuladoSC_202.pdf",
                "resumableRelativePath" -> "Caso_SimuladoSC_202.pdf",
                "resumableTotalChunks" -> "1"))
            .bodyPart(RawFileBodyPart("file", "Caso_SimuladoSC_202.pdf")
				)// end exec

The PDF file is in my Gating repo with another files.

How can I achieve this? Any idea? My Gatling version is 3.7.6

Your form is not a standard one, it’s signed with AWS Signature v4.

There’s no built-in support for this in Gatling.
I’m afraid that’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself, or contract with us so we work on this for you.