How to print the csv values on console???


I am new to gatling,can any body please tell me wats the way to print csv values on console…Suppose if we are passing values form csv file using feeder and from that i have to see the values are coming
pefectly or not…so how to print those variable values on console in .exec method…please help me


.exec({session=> println(session("yourFeeder")

Thank you,But in my case I want to check the value every time in case of username and password is getting from csv file…can you plz give solution in that situation…

Substitute “yourFeeder” with the names of the columns from the CSV that you want to output. For example, if your CSV contains, among other things, a username and a password field, you might do something like this:

feed( csv(“user_data.csv”).circular )
.exec( session => {
println( "USER: " + session(“username”).as[String] )
println( "PASSWORD: " + session(“password”).as[String] )