How to read csv file as test data for sending multiple message to a single topic

Using Gatling Java for reading csv file as test data for sending kafka message.

I encountered multiple issue using feeder:
reading from file , ${} does not work tried the #{} as well that did not work.

I am trying to load individual test data and fire kafka.send(“$mymsg”).
my csv file has following structure:


As explained in the terms of this forum, here you can only find help for the official Gatling components, not third party plugins. I recommend that you directly reach out to the authors of the third party plugin you’re using, probably on GitHub.

Can gatling java be used for reading test data from file

Hi @Amay,

Please, see the documentation about feeders: Gatling - Feeders

And if you encounter issue with plain Gatling, I suggest you to open another topic (as this one is connoted through your first post with kafka) with your use case, what you tried, a sample code, what you expected as the result, and the result you actually get.