How to send form-data in post request

I have a post request, the body is of type form-data

I try to do it with :
.queryParam(“texte”, “test”)
.queryParam(“ticket”, “2”)
.queryParam(“createur”, “51095”)

And then with:
| “texte”: “test”,
| “ticket”: “2”,
| “createur”: "53470"

But it doesn’t work, how to do this with gatling and how to upload images ?
I need help please

When i used :

.formParam(""“texte”"", “”“test”"")
.formParam(""“ticket”"", “”“2"”")
.formParam(""“createur”""", “”“53500"”")

I got 400 error in the application server => org.springframework.web.multipart.MultipartException: Failed to parse multipart servlet request; nested exception is org.apache.tomcat

I need help please

.formParam(""“createur”""", “”“53500"”") => you have an extra double quote after createur

Then, as you’re not sending any file but only Strings, Gatling is going to encode the body into application/x-www-form-urlencoded, not multipart/form-data, even if you force the Content-Type header.

Either don’t force the Content-Type header so that the one Gatling will generate will match the one actually used for the body, or use formUpload to send a file in “attachments”