How to simulate Media Streaming with Gatling

It might be a stupid question, but here we go.

So in my simulation I need to replicate a page that contains a media player and streams a video also from the same backend.

Using the Get request from Gatling, it will download the entire video at once, instead of downloading only partial content like in a browser would happen.

Is there a way to control or pace download streams so it does not download the entire video at once but by partial content as it happens in the browser?

No offense, but your question is wrong. There isn’t one single standard for video streaming, so « like in a browser » doesn’t mean anything. Check which protocol is being used in your specific case: RTSP? MPEG-DASH? HLS? HLS would be easy to implement yourself : it’s just a playlist. MPEG-DASH lets a lot of room for implementors to build custom algorithms. RTSP would require some work.

Thanks for the answer,

Eventually for me this solution was enough to get as close to my use case as needed:

Doing a loop and using the Range header.