How to Stop_Vusers or Custom Ramp_Down_Configuration needed

Hi All,

I need a solution for the below problem.
I want to ramp 700 users over 1 hour, steady state for 50 minutes and also I should end the 700 users within 10 minutes duration.

I have the below injection setup


rampUsers(700) during (2500 seconds),

nothingFor(4500 seconds),


I have configured the test for 7200 seconds and use .during(durationSecs) in my file.
Because of this the taste takes additional 40 minutes to get over.

where in the ramp up happens correctly along with steady state. But the ramp down too takes the same duration as that of ramp down.

Thanks in Advance.

Please refer the following thread for the above query asked by me.
In short no custom ramp down can be achieved as of Gatling 3.3.