How to use 2 different feeders one inside another

Hello Team,

Suppose I have 2 SQL queries which are dependent on each other.

  1. Can we take the output resultset from QUERY A and use that in QUERY B WHERE clause , one by one ??

  2. Is there any option to use 2 SQL Feeders in the Feed ?


val QueryA = “SELECT TOP (10) [ID] FROM [ABC].[DEF].[KEYID]”

When we execute the QueryA, 10 KeyID values will be generated. Is there any way to iterate over the list and fetch one by one ?

val QueryB = "SELECT [NAME] FROM [ABC].[DEF].[KEYID] where ID = “keyID” "

Here in the above query, the values from the QueryA are used and only ONE NAME is getting generated at one time.

val sqlQueryFeeder = jdbcFeeder(dbUrl, userName, dbPass,QueryB).random

val getNames = scenario( scenarioName = “Get Name of org”).feed(sqlQueryFeeder).repeat(1) {
exec(http(“Get Next Name”)
.get("/dept/v1/deptTemp/" + 12345+ “/dep/” + 456+ “/ID/” + keyID)
.header(“api-key”, orgkeyValue)