How to verify number of users in gatling report

Hi ,

I am having one query. Can you please help me.
Query :- I am adding following lines to inject users in gatling.

setUp(scn.inject(nothingFor(5 seconds), atOnceUsers(100),rampUsers(500) over(400 seconds))).protocols(httpProtocol)

As per graph only 231 users are loaded.Can you please help me?.
Other information is as follows :-


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Deepak Kumar Tiwari

Hard to say - are you 100% sure that the virtual users have not finished more or less unexpected?

Thanks in advance, Siegfried Goeschl

Hi Sir,

Virtual users are loaded completely but in graph it is not visible.

Is there any configuration required to show all users in graph which i am missing ?

Thanks and regards
Deepak Kumar Tiwari