HTTP request with ASICE file


I’ve been trying to send an HTTP request with Gatling.
This request contains a file whose extension is .asice (An .asice file contains one or more digital signature).

But I’m strugling to write this request. The body of the test is written in scala.
Gatling shows this error when I run the test :

" Failed to build request PK?? mimetypeapplication/vnd.etsi.asic-e+zip"

So, In the header of the request, I’ve added the following MimeType :
Content-Type: application/vnd.etsi.asic-e+zip
But it doesn’t solve the problem.

Does someone knows how to write an HTTP request (with Gatling and Scala) wich contains this type of file ?

Thank you.


This is not a message generated by Gatling but by your application. You’ll have to check there to make sense of it.

From Gatling’s POV, a body is just bytes.

Hi slandelle,

Thank you for your answer