HTTP requests not executing

Hello Team,
Thank You for creating this support channel
I am working on creating scripts for Item Creation which is the core functionality of my application,the url where my work is
Usually when we create an item it will show up in the task list which is another feature of my application,but when I run my gatling scripts to create an item it wouldn’t create an item actully, but somehow it would show me successful reports
I am not sure if the HTTP requests are actually executing or whether they are not hitting the actual environment
Attaching the UI of my application and the script which I am using
Please give any suggestions possible

CreateSingleItem.scala (8.25 KB)

Hello Nitin,

The fact that a request passes in a performance test tool, doesn’t mean it was successfull. You should add some checks.
You can look at the logging in the console to see what happened. Maybe you should change the loglevel for this (see logback.xml).
I took a quick look at your script and I see that your variables are in quotes. That way the name of the variable will be passed and not its value. So you need to adjust that.

I hope this helps.


Hey Arjan,

Thanks for the suggestion,I ve used various checks and found out the links that I was using needed some updates
I had one more query, I was looking to run multiple simulations in sequence,kind of automating all(I have 4) for 6 hours and around 50 users,have migrated from HP ALM so trying to have a similar process here
Is that possible,or I need to add all scenarios in a single script?

Thnaks and appreciated