http requests without waiting for response

Hi Gang,

I have a situation where our website has a button that can get pressed rapidly and it fires off an http service request every time it is pressed. We had a bug where the browser was still processing the first button press before the second button press happened so basically 2 requests hitting the same service within microseconds of each other but both still processing the request.

I wanted to create a regression test for this in Gatling and I thought it would be pretty easy because I would just repeat on the http request. However, I found out that I couldn’t recreate the bug with Gatling because it looks like every http request waits for the response to complete before doing the next one so I couldn’t really recreate the same situation that was happening manually in the browser. Is there any way for me to make a Gatling scenario that would rapid fire http requests from the same user session without waiting for the response to complete?

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’d need something like:

There hasn’t been any effort yet in this area. Currently, the only way to have concurrent requests is to use “resources” but it means that they have to be attached to a main request, and will be triggered as soon as the main request completes.