Http Status Code [Ex. 200, 201, 400, 500] in Gatling Metrics

Hi Team,

can anyone help me understand how we can get http status code in Gatling metrics if it is available with Configuration i can change. If this is not possible and i want to change in Library [source code], any guide line for the same?

Basically as of with existing metrics i am getting Http Code interpretation Successful == OK and Failure == KO. I am looking basically actual http response code [Ex. 200, 400, 500] not the interpretation.


Available in FrontLine.

Hi Stephene,

Thanks for replying. FrontLine is license one but is there guide line which i can follow and do customization in open source code?

Not only fortunately.

I believe it’s possible to use a .exec{} and using the session object to retrieve the status. So I would say it’s possible without modifying source code of Gatling, but instead modifying scala simulation code.

Hi Stephane,

yes i am trying to modify source code but i am not so good in Scala. so getting difficult to identify the code location where all http status code getting translated to OK or KO format. if you can help me locating class name i can modify code and rebuild it again.

thanks for your help.