i.n.u.IllegalReferenceCountException: refCnt: 0, decrement: 1


We’ve been getting these errors a lot since yesterday:

i.n.u.IllegalReferenceCountException: refCnt: 0, decrement: 1

Has anyone seen it? Is there a workaround? We've been using 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT for a while and we have not seen this error until today.

Thanks for your help,


Could you please provide a way for us to reproduce this?

Thank you for the quick reply. We traced the problem down to our setting of httpClientCodecMaxChunkSize = 8192. Our response had Content-Length: 8423. It seems Gatling was trying to release a chunk that’s not available.


I’m encountering this problem now also. I am attempting to check that a jsonPath exists in the response body for a large payload. I have attempted to uncomment and change

httpClientCodecMaxChunkSize = 8192

to a much larger number but that did not resolve the issue.

Could you provide more information please?

   - gatling version
   - stacktrace
   - a way to reproduce


*Stéphane Landelle*
*GatlingCorp CEO*