Incremental load profile in Gatling closed model

Hi Team,

I want to increment users in below fashion:

  • fixed to 1 during 3min
  • ramp up from 1 to 20 during 5min
  • fixed to 20 during 3min
  • ramp up from 20 to 40 during 5min
  • fixed to 40 during 3min
  • ramp up from 40 to 60 during 5min
  • repeat the same pattern: ramp 20 users during 5min then remain 3min on a constant concurrent user
  • ramp up from 580 to 600 users during 5min
  • fixed to 600 during 3min

I came across this in the documentation: docs/gatling/reference/current/core/injection/#incrementconcurrentusers

Is this the right approach to achieve it?
Specifically will it take care of “fixed to 20 during 3min” this step?

My sample configuration for above requirement is:
incrementConcurrentUsers: 20
times: 30
eachLevelLasting: 300
separatedByRampsLasting: 180
startingFrom: 1

hi @slandelle , Can you please answer this?

eachLevelLasting: 300
separatedByRampsLasting: 180

That’s the opposite: you wrote you want the ramps to last 5 min and the levels to last 3 min.

startingFrom: 1

You should start at 0. Otherwise you’ll always be 1 off.

Ok… thanks for the answer @slandelle
" fixed to 20 during 3min" - In this case, I am expecting a straight line for 3 minutes in the active users graph of Gatling report. But I see a gradually increasing graph with no straight line. Is this normal?

Active users are not concurrent users.

Concurrent users metric is available in Gatling Enterprise.

Ohh, I see.
So, the graph I am expecting will be seen in Gatling Enterprise.

In open source, is there any way to verify if the load generated is as expected? like the incremental fashion I mentioned above.

Also, I am confused which of the two is best suited for my requirement


@slandelle Any views on above? ^^

I can’t explain more than what I’ve already done:

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Thanks… that was super helpful !!