Initial config data

Hey guys, how are you doing??

Gatling looks like a really nice tool. I’m trying to use it for our project. However I’m running into this problem:
It happens that I have some configuration data which will be used to start the simulation. For example, I might have some date, let’s call it dateX. But I want to prepare dateX beforehand. So I was planning to have some kind of initialization block and call session.set(“dateX”, dateX).

I tried doing:

scenario(“my scenario”)

.exec { session: Session => { session.set(“dateX”, calculatedDate); value2Success(session) } }

.http(“my request).get(”"“http://host/service/operation?dateX=${dateX}”"")

But when I run it, I’m getting:

11:29:24.269 [ERROR] i.g.h.a.HttpRequestAction - No attribute named ‘dateX’ is defined

Can you please tell me if what I’m trying to achieve is doable and where am I messing up? Can you also think in some other way?




The “session” object is immutable, so, at least, you should change your code so that you have that :

.exec { session: Session => { val sessionWithDateX = session.set(“dateX”, calculatedDate); value2Success(sessionWithDateX) } }



value2Success is an implicit, meaning that it is (should in most cases actually) be automatically applied as soon as you return something that isn’t a Validation.

So .exec(session => session.set(“dateX”, calculatedDate)) should work well