Interpreting results

Hey all,

I’ve recorded a browsing scenario using the Gatling recorder and cleaned the script a little (removing third party website calls and such). The script is now marked as an object and called from a different file (more scripts will be added to the scenario), but I started receiving 403 errors after a few successful trial runs.

While trying to identify which request was generating the 403 I discovered that script output when run didn’t match exec requests. For instance, according to the output I get a 403 at request 137, but the script doesn’t actually contain a “request_137” (due to that particular call being deleted).

The number of requests is also suspect (my last request is “request_225” but the script ends at 170 or similar).

Any ideas?


Weird, looks like a compilation caching issue.

Could you touch the files? If that doesn’t work, could you remove the target directory content?


Thank you for replying Stephane.

I’ve found the error and it was due to human factor (user being an idiot).

Master file was calling the wrong script (it originally contained calls for two scripts) and I was checking lines in the right one slaps forehead.



I prefer this explanation, a lot :wink: