Invalid redirect to the same request


I bumped into a problem and can’t resolve it on my own…

Let me describe it in more detail :

  1. A user sends a POST request with the authentication data

  2. The server is supposed to reply with a redirect (302) and the same URI ( https://${domain}/as/${dynamic_token}/resume/as/ BUT with the different HTTP method (GET)

  3. According to this scriplet everything should work OK ( )

if (newClientRequest.getUri == originalRequest.getUri

&& newClientRequest.getMethod == originalRequest.getMethod

&& newClientRequest.getCookies.asScala.toSet == originalRequest.getCookies.asScala.toSet) {

// invalid redirect

“Invalid redirect to the same request”.failure

} else {


4, It appears that my request should end up in the “else” block, since the second condition is not satisfied ( newClientRequest.getMethod == originalRequest.getMethod). However, it is not the case …
I keep getting the following message - “[INFO ] i.g.h.e.r.DefaultStatsProcessor - Request ‘request_1 Redirect 1’ failed for user 1: Invalid redirect to the same request

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!


Using an outdated Gatling version?

According to the POM file, it’s the latest version - 3.3.1 (I’m running it in IntelliJ)

Please provide a way to reproduce your issue.