Is it possible to do a check on previous request?


I couldn’t figure this out som I’m trying here.
Say if I have a request (Soap in my case) that I want to reuse. I usually do this

def myRequest : ChainBuilder = exec( http("Some soap request") .post("""") .body(ElFileBody("pathToMySoapBodyFile") .header("SOAPAction", "someSoapAction") )

I want to re-use this request many times, but the check will be different every time. I know I could probably add a parameter to the myRequest method and check on that.

But is it possible to add checks to last response?
If possible, I would like to use it something like this


def myCustomChain: ChainBuilder =



Ok, I think I figure it out.
I can extract the http chain to a method and then add additional checks on that one inside an .exec().