Is there a way to emit custom metric, which can be consumed by Gatling Charts

I am using Gatling to test an app, where I pump in data over HTTP and the app responds back on websocket.
I can capture the throughput through the system using Gatling.

I really appreciate this tool and the way it makes life easier, as compared to JMeter. Does anyone know, how can I record Throughput and may be plot it as the main metric on Gatling-Charts / Jenkin Plugin?

Any idea will be helpful.


Throughput in terms of number of requests per second is already captured and displayed in graph as req/s.

If you want to capture throughout in terms of number of bytes, you can capture it in logs but I am not sure there is way to display it in graphs.

Wouldn’t the throughput be the responses per second and not the requests per second?

The system is decoupled for me… The request throughput - the total requests per second I could flood my system with, can be your System throughput, if you get the response back on the requests. But the response in my system is asynchronous, and has to be monitored on a different end using websocket or some channel.

I can measure that System Throughput using websocket, and I wanted to plot that in Gatling, but I didnt find a way.

We don’t currently have the number of messages received per second on WebSockets.
The WebSocket API probably lacks some features, but we’re in need of community feedback, and I guess WebSockets are not that used in the wild.

Custom graphs in Gatling is unlikely, to say the least. However, you could send Gatling’s data to Graphite, and also send the custom stats to Graphite, and use something like Grafana to make your run report.