Is there a way to merge 2 or more simulation.log files into one simulation.log?

we are running tests from multiple vm’s and im looking for if there is a way to merge 2 or more simulation.log files and generate 1 simulation.log file . I have looked at this page - but i dint find anything specific on merging simulation.log files .

Why do you need to merge those files?

If you are looking to generate single html report out of those simulations, Just copy those files under one directory

example :


  • Simulation1.log
  • Simulation2.log

then run ./ -ro dir1

Place all the simulation.log files into a single folder (Say Test) by renaming them (Simulation1.log, Simulation2.log … etc).

Run the below command on that folder (Test)

./ -ro Test

Thanks Santhosh and Bhavani for your response. I know that we can use “” to generate Gatling report from multiple simulation.log files.
We have a framework that uses simulation.log files for post process tasks, so when a test is run from multiple instances , i’m looking if we can merge them into 1 simulation.log file .

Did you ever find a way of merging the two log files without generating a report?

Have you looked at the contents of the files? The large numbers are 32-bit timestamps, in seconds since the epoch. Given that hint, I suspect you will be able to code a script that can interleave the contents of multiple reports into a single file.

Yes I’ve checked on 3.2.1 the requests data shouldn’t be a problem as a merge and sort on the timestamp wouldn’t be an issue.

On the other hand the USER info seems to give an incrementing int value which would create a conflict between multiple logs, not impossible I was just hoping that it had already been done. :wink: